The money sea monster eats the super shark Megalodon

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2021-08-12 00:34:08

Many people still know the giant Megalodon shark as a ruler of the sea. With a size of up to 20m, with a bite that can bite with a force of up to 11-18 tons, it is enough to crush a car so that they can hunt any prey in the ocean today like sea lions. , dolphins, big whales... With the power to fear, what other species should Megalodon fear?

But in fact Megalodon still has to be wary of another "monster". It was Livyatan Melvillei – an ancient monster capable of killing super sharks.

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The Melvillei carnivorous whale fossil was discovered quite late in 2008, nearly 400 years after Megalodon.

Melvillei dominated the ocean from about Jurassic to Cenozoic. Its shape is similar to modern sperm whales, with a length of 13.5-18 meters and a weight of about 50 tons and possessing great "weapons" to hunt giant prey.

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Melvillei possesses a 3-meter-long skull with a wide jaw and conical teeth up to 36cm long - the largest teeth of all animals.

At the same time, the upper teeth also have a concave part to help fit the lower teeth when the mouth is closed, increasing the ability to cut meat.

The temporal cavity, where Melvillei's jaw muscles are attached, is also much larger, allowing them to have a stronger bite force.

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A sperm whale that is more than capable of defeating a 13-meter giant squid, Melvillei with the perfect structure for hunting giant prey that nature has given, has the ability to kill.

In addition, when studying fossils of Melvillei, scientists found that their heads also carried waxy oil-containing organs similar to sperm whales. In sperm whales, this organ helps to support deep diving, sonar sonar, and a self-defense tool used for ramming. The function is probably similar in the Melvillei, they even suggest that they used it as a weapon of prey.

With small prey, Melvillei only needs to attack with a quick bite, but with large prey they will take a little more time and effort. This species will use its head like a giant hammer, rushing straight into the prey's body at high speed, damaging internal organs, making the victim weak and then cutting the meat
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More frightening, this species lives in groups and they know how to coordinate groups to hunt, making it easy for them to defeat any giant prey.

If Megalodon confronts Melvillei, who will win in this life-and-death battle?

In terms of size, Megalodon's physique seems to have many advantages: the maximum weight is twice that of Melvillei, the bite force is unmatched, the body is solid, and there is no need to rise to the surface to breathe air.

But in terms of weight, the figure of 100 tons with a length of 20 meters of Megalodon is the largest threshold estimated by some scientists, and is now commonly recognized as a giant shark weighing only about 50. tons with a length of 18 meters, equal to the Melvillei whale.

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And while the physical strength is not equal, Melvillei makes up for it with the higher intelligence of mammals, and the warm blood gives them the ability to maneuver more quickly.

According to a recent discovery, sharks can fall into a coma if turned upside down. Orca killer whales know that weakness and apply it to hunt white sharks today. Assuming in the past Mevillei had been smart enough to use this method with Megalodon only water... surrender early.

Finally, the very important factor that determines the victory of Melvillei is that they hunt in groups while Megalodon hunts alone.

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One-on-one results are difficult to determine, but 2, 3, or more Melvillei with "combating together" must surely be a Megalodon, no matter how fierce it is, must fall.

Therefore, summarizing all factors, the probability of winning when facing Melvillei is higher than Megalodon. What do you think about the outcome of the battle between these two ancient monsters?

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